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Baby Doll


Baby Doll (click here)


Colors of the Wind - Giant Edition


This Giant Edition is only available until Christmas and only 1000g for 151$

Giant Edition (click here)


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My Melodyy is a wrapped yarn made with love.

The gradients are done by tying little strands of colors together and the little knots can be worked in with no problem

The yarn is multiple wrapped, that means the single strands are lying next to each other.

You can use whatever hook size you prefer whether you want your Project to be looser or tighter.The composition of the yarn is 50% cotton and 50% acryl


The prices in the shop are only for one "Bobbel".

The second one shows only how it will look with the colors the other way around.

 The skein can be processed from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside.

 Please note that there could be aditional taxes or fees applydue to customs

Zoll und Umsatzsteuer ist nicht im Preis enthalten und werden länderspezifisch erhoben

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